Where the Top 10 Free Agents will Sign

As the Legal Tampering Period kicks off today at 12pm, we shall take a stab at predicting where the NFL’s top free agents will sign. The list below is in order of popularity/buzz, not necessarily rating.

10. DeSean Jackson (Age: 30)

Jackson is reportedly looking for $10-12 million dollars come March 9th. He has been tied to Philadelphia since December, but I don’t believe the reunion occurs. Ultimately Garçon is the one who walks, and Washington re-signs Jackson to keep Cousins happy.

9. Kevin Zeitler G (Age: 27)

This one is hardest to pin down because so many teams need to bolster their line. Zeitler could stay in orange, only this time it is in Denver. The Broncos have an obvious need if Okung does not return. Because they need to fill both Tackle positions and add a guard Zeitler makes sense.

8. Logan Ryan CB (Age: 26)

As more teams try to limit the high-octane passing schemes that have taken over the NFL, CBs that show any type of ‘better than mediocre’ skill are going to be coveted. Logan Ryan has flown under the radar of names like Gilmore, Bouye, Kirkpatrick and others but is still a solid player. Looks like a lot of teams are interested in Ryan. Eventually he signs with the Bengals.

7. Calais Campbell DL (Age: 31)

With reports out that the Cardinals are preparing for operations without Campbell, it seems a sure bet he will not return to Arizona. As an aging player, I have a feeling he may want to go to either a contender or team on the verge of being good. Not an official prediction, but my best guess is he signs in TB at the end of the day.

6.Terrelle Pryor WR (Age: 26)

It was really shocking that the Browns…. yes, the BROWNS of all people didn’t at minimum tag Pryor. I mean they have over $105 million in cap room and need players. He is still a bit raw and my thought is he doesn’t get the kind of money he is hoping for. Whoever signs him might offer a shorter deal. I think he will get offered something similar to Tavon Austin’s new deal, who got 4-yrs/$40 mil and $25 guaranteed, If that’s the case, the Eagles may be the best suitor as Wentz seems to be a high attraction.

5. Stephon Gilmore CB (Age: 26)

Gilmore will be looking to cash in as reports say he could be asking for $14 million a year. As far as a landing spot, it looks like the Bears are ready to pounce on him. With that said, how bout an underground signing? The Patriots, (who rarely go for the free agent headliner) have $59 million in cap to spend. Gilmore switches alliances, and replaces Logan Ryan.

4. Dontari Poe NT (Age: 27)

Poe could also be going behind enemy lines. The Oakland Raiders need someone in the middle of their line and have the space to do so. It is their number one need after the resign Latavius Murray. Poe could be the only big move they make this offseason

3. Adrian Peterson RB (Age: 32)

One spot that could be intriguing for Peterson is Oakland behind the rebuilt line and with weapons of mass destruction for Derek Carr. Nearing the end of his career, he will want to go to a contender. I believe his days are over in a Vikings jersey. However, I think it’s actually the Giants who scoop him up as they make one last push while Eli is still playing at a high level.

2. A.J. Bouye CB (Age: 26)

Not many expected Bouye to make it to free agency, but here we are. I have a feeling Bouye trades uniforms in the same division and ends up a Titan or Colt as both teams rank in the top 7 in cap space this year. Staying in the same division will help him as he knows the QBs tendencies, and as a bonus he gets to play Brock Oseweiler twice a year.


1. Alshon Jeffrey WR (Age: 27)

With the Bears having the 8th most cap space AND the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft, it is highly possibly they keep their corner-stone player and draft what they perceive to be a new Franchise QB. The Bears and Jefferey are reportedly talking and are ‘open to reunion’. In the end, i think the Bears match an offer. Other possible landing spots include Tampa Bay, LA Rams… Sorry Eagles fans, its hard to fathom that they allocate this much capital to one player.



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