Wentz over Manning? In a heartbeat

In the midst of a lost season, the Eagles rookie has taken a rollercoaster ride along with the team. The highs of a 3-0 start to the lows of a five-game losing streak and dropping 8 of their last 10. Yet fourteen games into his rookie season, Carson Wentz might be better than Eli Manning. 

Of course, Eli has a legacy of two dramatic Super Bowl finishes… both against the Patriots we might add. To top off his resume, Manning has not missed a game since 2004 (171 straight games played). Eli Manning is an admirable quarterback who may join his brother in the Hall of Fame shortly after retirement, Carson might join them two decades from now. With all the greatness that Eli has provided the Giants, we can see the same attributes in Carson and possibly more. 


Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Statistics aside where Eli blows Carson out of the water this season due to a top five receiving core in the league, Carson has shown promise with the worst group. The knock on Manning is the timely interceptions, Carson has experienced that this season. The knock on Wentz out of college was deep ball accuracy, Eli has heard the same criticism. Both measuring taller than 6’4″ and 215+, the young rookie holds a skill set Eli never had.

The escapability out of the pocket Carson possesses is an attribute that could place him in Canton one day. At times it looks messy due to a makeshift offensive line, but having the scramble weapon in your arsenal will allow him to extend plays like Aron Rodgers does… once he has receivers who can run a scramble drill. The comparisons to Dak Prescott are unfair at the moment due to the teams surrounding the two rookie quarterbacks. The experience Wentz has been provided in what was supposed to be a red shirt year will have him ahead of the curve for next season’s adjustments to the offense he runs. As far as we can tell, Wentz has a love for the game, a desire to be great, and can take his licks and get back up to deliver the next pass.

Age on his side, Carson Wentz is a better quarterback for the future than Eli Manning. He will have a chance once again tonight to display his talent on national television as the Eagles take on the Giants in South Philadelphia to kick off the final two games on the remainder of the schedule.





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