Tylar Pomroy’s 2017 NBA Mock Draft

1. PG Markelle Fultz WASHINGTON

It just wouldn’t make sense to take anyone else at this point. Fultz is the complete package, a pure athlete that can shoot, move the ball, and play good defense. The Celtics are close to competing with Cleveland and drafting the best player on the board will just make them even better. It will be interesting to see how he plays alongside Isaiah Thomas because both are true point guards. But moving Avery Bradley this offseason and bringing on another star in free agency could make this team a legitimate threat in the east

2. SF Josh Jackson KANSAS

After a successful workout with the Lakers Jackson decided to cancel his Celtics workout. Have the Lakers really promised him that he’ll go second overall. Taking anyone other than Lonzo Ball seems shocking but after a less than impressive workout and the baggage his father carries with him, it makes sense why Magic Johnson would want to look elsewhere.

3. PG Lonzo Ball UCLA

Lonzo Ball falling to the Sixers is more realistic than ever before. He’s arguably just as good as Fultz and definitely has a better NCAA resume. What makes him better fit than Fox and Smith Jr. for the Sixers? He’s a consistent playmaker that can shoot from deep. Outside from his father’s strange marketing strategy, Lonzo could also be bringing a jumpshot with broken mechanics to a Philly team that could really use another shooting option. **It should also be noted that there is a chance the Sixers trade back in the lottery for the 5 and 10 pick or try to make a push for Klay Thompson.

4. SF Jason Tatum DUKE

Currently, the Suns have a starting guard duo that they look to keep in place for next season. Team needs factor into the Suns drafting Tatum over any remaining guard. The Suns need someone who can space the floor and create their own shot. That’s exactly what Jayson Tatum can do for the misguided rebuild in Phoenix.

5. PG De’Aaron Fox KENTUCKY

Sacramento is in dire need of a new face at point guard. Fox is one of the most explosive players in this year’s draft. The Kings lack direction but taking Fox provides a floor general this organization has long been missing.

6. SG Malik Monk  KENTUCKY

A perfect fit for a Magic team that’s still unable to find a viable scoring option. Monk’s biggest downside is that he’s terribly short to be a modern shooting guard in the NBA. If he’s able to work around being undersized, Monk would be a great fit on this young team that’s searching for a backcourt balance.

7.  PG Dennis Smith Jr. NC STATE

It’s time for the Wolves to consider another option at point guard. Rubio has basically been checked out and Dunn is still surrounded by question marks and doubt. Dennis Smith Jr. is a perfect complement to Minnesota’s young core of Towns, Lavine, and Wiggins. Several scouts have labeled him to be just as good as Fultz, or Ball, the only attribute separating Smith from 1 and 2 is his height.

8. PG Frank Ntilikina FRANCE

This wouldn’t be the first time that this organization has gambled on the unknown. For those that don’t keep up with euroleague basketball Ntilikina is just as mysterious as Porzingis was two years ago. At only 18 years old, he already fits the mold of the oversized athletic point guards that are taking over the draft boards in recent years. He’s not polished and has turnover issues but that comes with the inexperience. New York is a perfect fit for Frank as they’re still rebuilding and in the process he’ll be able to grow.

9. SF Johnathan Issac FLORIDA STATE

Isaac had a tough year at Florida State where he was unable to really showcase himself offensively because a lot of attention went to Dwayne Bacon, the team’s shooting guard. Dallas would benefit from his size at either the three or the four spot and even his productive outside game. They would also gain huge a defensive boost in Isaac. Statistics and his skinny build are the only two factors holding him back from being drafted earlier.

10. SG Donovan Mitchell  LOUISVILLE

Mitchell isn’t exactly a combo guard that the Kings need if they end up with Fox and Hield together. Though it would be hard to resist taking him at ten because of how developed his offense is. Based on how the Sacramento roster currently stands they could use anything that helps bolster their scoring. Albeit, this pick has a high chance to be traded depending on if the Kings feel the need to move up and secure Fox.

11. PF Lauri Markkanen  ARIZONA

Stretch fours have grown to become pretty popular throughout the league because of the defensive mismatches they’re able to create. While Markkanen is able to do this with his three pointer, there’s been almost no signs of him playing good defense. This is why Lauri would make a good fit on a team like the hornets that already have solid defenders in Zeller and Kidd-Gilchrist.

12. PF/C Zach Collins GONZAGA

One of the best post-up players in the entire draft class that can separate his game from other centers with speed and a smooth transition game. Andre Drummond doesn’t seem to be in the picture long-term so it would make sense for Detroit to go after his replacement via draft.

13. SG Luke Kennard  DUKE

Kennard is often overshadowed by his former teammates at Duke. Whether it was Grayson Allen’s scrappy antics or Tatum’s productiveness, Kennard was never the center of attention. This makes him a good fit for a Nuggets team that’s always mixing up their guard situation and trying to find someone who isn’t too high-profile for Denver’s style.
14. SF Justin Jackson  

The best player from the NCAA National Championship team as a great chance at being selected within the lottery. Miami is rumored to workout Jackson but fear that he’s too lanky to be an NBA small forward. Jackson is one of the few four-year players that make up this year’s draft class so his experience and leadership definitely stands out.



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