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Sixers 2016 Draft Preview


Barring any potential trades, the Sixers currently own three draft picks in the 2016 NBA Draft. At the Tuesday night NBA Draft Lottery the Sixers acquired the first overall pick for the first time since 1996. It should be noted that the Sixers drafted Allen Iverson with this pick 20 years ago. Maybe this is a sign of hope for Sixers fans as the lottery system has worsened the chance of drafting star-power for the last three years. GM Bryan Colangelo has stated that they won’t trade the number one pick, so either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram will be a 76er on June 23rd.

Now that the Sixers organization knows that they will be drafting first, the Simmons or Ingram question can finally be answered. There is no obvious choice. Both players are healthy, NBA-ready, multi-dimensional athletes. Reports were made after the lottery that the Sixers are already heavily interested in taking Ben Simmons. However they were denied by GM Bryan Colangelo on Wednesday. Outside of the skills Simmons has to offer on both ends of the court, he has a personal connection with a valuable member of the organization. Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown coached Ben’s father Dave in Australia and has even known Ben since birth. So then what could be stopping the Sixers from taking Simmons? Well it could be that he’s missing a reliable jump shot, has a less than impressive attitude, or that Brandon Ingram possibly fits better into the Sixers future. This draft could hold the next Lebron James in Ben Simmons and/or the next Kevin Durant in Brandon Ingram but for now the Sixers need something to work with. For more on the Simmons vs Ingram debate follow this link,

The other two draft picks that the Sixers hold are also in the first round.  The 24th overall pick which comes from the Miami Heat and the 26th overall pick which comes from the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Though its very difficult to predict who the Sixers will select with these picks, many prospects names have been considered. The Sixers desperately need to address their lack of guards in this draft and that can be done by drafting Malik Beasley from Florida State.  Leaving out the idea that he could already be off the boards before the 24th pick, Beasley is the guard that the Sixers need. He’s a versatile scorer who can hit from the perimeter and could be the answer for the Sixers offensive chaos. Other guards that could land in Philly include Saint Joe’s own Deandre Bembry who showed abilities to create offense throughout the NCAA Tournament and Tyler Ulis from Kentucky who’s 5’9 150lb frame comes with risk and reward on both offensive and defensive ends. Syracuse guard and Trenton native Malachi Richardson is also being heavily scouted by the Sixers for his physical build and shooting ability. If for whatever reason the Sixers choose not to take two guards with the later first round picks, they could opt to trade one pick away or draft another player with a development plan. This player is Zhou Qi from China who needs to develop his physical build but has the skill-set to do more than any other PF/C on the current roster.

There’s still the chance we trade Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel to either the Lakers or the Celtics, but acquiring the Lakers pick for one of the two would be the only real steal. Okafor is a big contributor on offense and Noel is the number one contributor on defense. If the Sixers trade one away then the rebuild process isn’t really much of a process at all. The Celtics pick wouldn’t involve Simmons or Ingram so would Philly fans really want someone like Dragan Bender replacing Okafor? The only way trading Okafor or Noel away benefits the Sixers is if they get this year’s Lakers pick in return. In this case both Simmons and Ingram would play in the Sixers uniform for the 2016-17 season.


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