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The Process Gets Paid

The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that they have reached an agreement to a contract extension with superstar big man Joel Embiid.  The deal is a five year extension that is worth $148 million.  At first glance, that sounds like a ton of money for a player that has yet to even play half of a season, but Embiid’s potential and his versatile skill set is sky high!  There isn’t much that “The Process” can’t do on a basketball court.  The one thing holding him back has been his health.  The fact that he hasn’t stayed healthy since being drafted 3rd overall is definitely a concern worth mentioning.  Committing to that type of money for an injury prone player is a huge risk, albeit a risk with huge reward if everything goes according to plan and Embiid stays healthy.  The deal is a smart deal for both sides.

According to various media outlets, the deal includes incentives that would benefit both Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers organization.  In regards to Joel’s incentives, he could add on an additional $30 million if he bcomes Defensive Player of the Year or the MVP of the league.  If Embiid can stay healthy, both awards could be a possibility, especially the Defensive Player of the Year award.  Embiid’s overall skill set for a player of his size makes his chances of winning the MVP that much greater, but let’s not get too carried away!  Let’s see him be healthy first!

Speaking of health, the Sixers main incentive in this contract is the fact that the team will recieve salary cap protection should Embiid miss signifigant time because of injuries.  I hate to say it, but unfortunately that possibility is a very realistic one for Embiid, the fans, and the Sixers organization.  The Sixers basically gave themselves an insurance plan in case Embiid gets hurt.  They wanted to make sure that this extension wouldn’t tie their hands up in regards to the salary cap and the possibility of making other deals and signings in the future.

The future is bright for the Philadelphia 76ers and Joel Embiid figures to be a huge part of that future.  Along with Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric, these young talents are expected to be the cornerstones of the franchise and get the franchise back to their glory days.  Embiid has shown in a limited number of games, 31 to be exact, that he can be the face of the team and can be the type of superstar that is hard to find.  As I mentioned before, Embiid’s skill set is extremely rare for a player of his size.  “The Process” has a full arsenal of post moves that he can use to his advantage and he can step out and even knock down three point shots as well.  He also plays at a high level on the defensive side of the ball as well.  Joel’s shot blocking ability and rim protection is huge for any team to have. Again, this all comes back to Embiid staying healthy.  If he  can stay healthy, I believe that this contract extension will be well worth it!  A player of Embiid’s caliber doesn’t come around every day, so it is important to try to keep those players around as long as you can.  The future is bright in “The City Of Brotherly Love.”  All you have to do is just “Trust The Process!”

Author:  Nick Eberhardt

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