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Why The Philadelphia Phillies are Must Watch Baseball

Before I start, Rhys Hoskins is not only the reason the Phillies are now must watch television every day they have a game. He’s a big reason, but not the ONLY reason. The Phillies are must watch baseball, because we are finally seeing all of the bad seasons pay off. We know that “The Process” is a term usually used for the Sixers, but the Phillies have quietly been trusting their own process under GM Matt Klentak and Team President Andy MacPhail. They have traded aging veterans and on occasion superstars (Cole Hamels comes to mind) for a lot of really young, super promising talent. Nick Williams, who came to the Phillies in the trade that sent Hamels to Texas, has 48 RBIs and is hitting nearly .300 in his 66 games this year, and he looks like a legitimate offensive threat in the middle of the Phillies lineup. Jorge Alfaro, The man who has been dubbed the Phillies Catcher of the future, has looked solid defensively in his limited playing time, and is hitting .311 in his time in the MLB.

Then of course there are the players that the Phillies have acquired through the Amateur and Rule 5 Drafts. Players like Odubel Herrera show that the Rule 5 Draft can be extremely useful to struggling teams. Sure, the Phillies have struggled with keeping Herrera totally engaged throughout every game he plays, and he has been benched multiple times for his lack of hustle and other antics throughout his career. The problem is, you cannot deny how good Herrera is. Every year he hits close to .300, and even while being hit with nagging injuries all year, he has almost 39 doubles to this point, and that’s the highest tally of his career. Other players acquired through the amateur draft such as Aaron Nola have just gotten better throughout their short careers, and Aaron Altherr has shed his previous “question mark” status.

Of course, you can’t get too far without mentioning the rookies that have come up, namely Rhys Hoskins. Never so early in their career has a power hitter been so prolific. 17 home runs in 33 games is a mark that no one has ever seen before, and it looks like Hoskins isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Not only that, but he has shown that he is going to be incredibly stubborn at the plate and will not get himself out. Hoskins has single handedly brought national attention towards the Phillies, and maybe relevancy was all the Phillies could hope for. Now we know the team might be ready to make the next step. Though support has dwindled since the team’s prime years in 2007-2011, it might be time to see the Phillies be great once more. The Phillies are now must watch baseball again, not only because of one player, but because they have finally come together as a team, and the only way to go is up.

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