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Everything You Need to Know About the Sixers’ Newest Star

Colangelo and company are currently in the process of finalizing an extension with Small Forward Robert Covington that is worth a reported $62 million over a four-year period. No official signing has been announced but reports around the league indicate that a signed agreement will be in place very soon. 

Looking back, it seems as if it were ages ago when the Sixers acquired Robert Covington. Once perceived as a less-effective player than Andrew Wiggins, he’s now a leading contender for the Most Improved Player Award and putting up better three-point numbers than Steph Curry. Respect is earned and Covington has fought to get the respect he deserves.

Covington played for a small school in the Ohio Valley Conference before entering the NBA. The Rockets may have picked him up after he went undrafted but it’s not like he spent much time on the court in Houston. After only spending seven regular-season games on the Rockets bench, Covington was waived at the same time Philly hit the reset button on his professional career.

Covington joined the Sixers back in 2014 when the team was full-swing in their rebuild process. He immediately made an impact, and Sixers fans that paid attention to this team during the dreadful four-year tank can probably recall his instant scoring contributions, night in and night out.

There’s no one on this roster that deserves to get paid more than Bob because he’s always been able to improve his game while fitting the three-and-D mold that the Sixers need. Covington’s never a cause for concern with the Sixers’ medical staff and he makes it an effort to show up to each and every game – no matter where he is in the lineup.

He’s a “process” player that went from semi-regular starter on a bad team to regular starter for a team on the rise.  Going off that, Covington simply plays better when he starts. There was some concern regarding his starter status last year with the emergence of Dario Saric. Despite a great rookie season, Dario has still been unable to match Covington’s high shot percentage and consistent defensive pressure. 

 Here’s a video showcasing some of Covington’s recent highlights courtesy of Real GD’s Latest Highlights

Could Covington join Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid as the star-studded crew that highlights the roster? At this point, the odds are in his favor as he’s only 26 and has a great group around him where he can continue to get better. Other teams could start figuring out his game as he becomes a familiar face throughout the league. But right now there’s no stopping RoCo – he’s been here through the rough times and he’ll be here for a successful future.


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