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Another 76ers season passes by with questions still remaining.

After losing 115-105 to Chicago Wednesday night, the Sixers regular season has finally come to an end. What looked to be a blowout in the Sixers favor (leading by 20+ points early in the 2nd) was cut short when Nikola Mirotic and Justin Holiday of the Chicago Bulls combined to put up 61 points.The Sixers continued to show their lack of endurance down the stretch as they were only capable of scoring 13 points in the third quarter and also allowing the Bulls to go on a 29-2 run.

If this doesn’t already sound bad enough, the Sixers were also playing against a Chicago Bulls team that only had eight players dressed and ready to play.

But as it has been for the past three years, the hope for a better future is the main focus for the 76ers organization. While the organization has shown signs of change this past year with the resignation of GM Sam Hinkie and the hiring of advisor Jerry Colangelo, front office situations still seem jagged. The introduction of new 76ers GM and President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo was somewhat skeptical due to the timeliness of his hiring, though the promises of a sped-up rebuild plan has the Sixers nation interested to see what will happen this off season.

Will Philly finally land the All-Star caliber player we’ve been looking for in the drafts of previous years, and will it come in free-agency? As Sixers fans have grown accustomed to the idea that our star will come through the draft, thinking of snagging someone notable in free-agency is something we’re very unfamiliar with.  With free agents such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and DeMar DeRozan uninterested in signing with the Sixers, there aren’t any true superstars willing to play in Philly. But that doesn’t stop the front office from upgrading the lack of guard talent on the Sixers roster. Guards such as Bradley Beal and Jordan Clarkson would be nice roster additions and when looking at the star-potential in the first five picks of the draft, it would be insane not to take  SF/PF Ben Simmons or  SF Brandon Ingram.

Expect a crazy off season. This isn’t Hinkie’s team anymore and we’re no longer trusting his process so look for free-agency acquisitions and better draft strategies. Keep the hope alive that the Sixers will finally land the number one pick and that Joel Embiid and Dario Saric will play in a Sixers Uniform. The future of the Sixers lays in the hand of Bryan Colangelo and he can start that future by putting together an improved Sixers roster for the NBA Summer League which will begin in July.

Author: Tylar Pomroy

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